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Welcome to Irisistible Games, the top Game Studio since 2022. Our talented and hardworking team is dedicated to ensuring that everything Irisistible Games creates is cool, fun and exciting. As a rule, we’ve agreed never release anything “less than awesome”. Read on to learn more about our business, our games, and what we have to offer our community of gamers.

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As a leading Game Studio since 2022, we believe that a little bit of fun can go a really long way. Our team of experts work day in and day out to improve our gaming options, and continuously strive to better our game features. Contact us if you’d like to find out more about what our team of all-stars does, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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Estimated Ship Date: October 2024
Players: 2-4   Duration: 35 min/player

We're excited to introduce a one of a kind space combat game. This game is based in Draconem Ignem Comics' Zon Universe with many alien races and political struggles.

Zon Cosmic Warfare combines several game mechanics that are well known in the board-game industry, integrating them in a way that works exceptionally well with elements that feel familiar but are used in a new, never before seen way.

The game is made by board-gamers for board-gamers and Irisistible Games' goal is to deliver a deluxe feeling, high quality product that that is in complete control of the user, from an adjustable board through hex tiles for every playthrough, to variable player powers, a near infinite possibility to mix and match cards, also including resource management so that every game experience feels different from the last one.

KickStarter coming Spring 2023. Please sign up to be notified for the launch!

Prototyping is underway as more races are added and we hope to increase the game to 6 players. Thorough testing is required to ensure a balanced game and wonderful experience for the players. We're also hoping to include a single player expansion on launch.

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Launching on Kickstarter: February 13th 2024

Take your game to the next level with DustCollectorz: Champions Unleased! A 2-4 player Collectible trading card game from Arrive Ltd’s DustCollectorz IP. Coming soon to Spiel 23! 

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